Üniversite Öğrencilerinin Salgın Dönemindeki Uzaktan Eğitim Deneyimlerinin İncelenmesi

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The main purpose of this project is to explore undergraduate students’ learning experiences in online courses during the emergency remote teaching (Hodges et al., 2020) period due to COVID-19. Findings of this study may contribute to the literature since it is very likely that students’ perceptions of the learning  xperiences may be different during this emergency remote teaching from regular online teaching and learning. Research in the online learning field suggests that the student engagement has proven to be one of the main reasons for student retention and satisfaction in online courses and the Community of Inquiry (CoI)
framework by Garrison, Anderson, and Archer (2007) promised to provide a clear structure to identify student engagement. Implications from this study may help faculties and instructional designers understand students’ expectations in similar conditions and design effective, interactive, and engaging learning experiences in the future.
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