Fen Bilimleri Ders Kitapları Analizi ve Bilimin Dogasinin Anlasilmasi ile Üstbilişsel Farkindalik Arasindaki Iliski

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The purpose of the first part of the study to examine the portrayal of the Nature of Science (NOS) with the Reconceptualised Family Resemblance Approach (RFN) as an analytical framework in Turkish national middle school science textbooks. The suggestions for the inclusion of the NOS with the RFN framework will be given based on the findings gathered from the analysis of each science textbook. Also, the teachers’ opinions about the role of the science textbooks in their lessons, their understanding of NOS, their opinions about representation of NOS in science textbooks, and their suggestions will be examined to detect the general views about those issues in the Turkey context. 

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